Previously called the Wooded Glen Estates, Naveen's Glen is located in a village called Suriya Gaon in Sattal. The Estate is spread across two adjoining mountains called 'Tincheo' and 'Ararda', and the valley running in between them called 'Khaan'. The entire estate is surrounded by reserve forest and all three locations have unique characteristics offering remarkably different sceneries.

Tincheo is the hill top with wide open vistas and 360° views. It is surrounded by reserve forest on two sides and the Khaan valley on another. From here one gets panoramic views of the Gola River flowing through the flatlands of Haldwani, the glittering night lights of Nainital in the far distance, and views of the most spectacular sunset over Jeolikote.

Ararda is the hill top overlooking the Sattal Lake. It is separated from Tincheo by the Khaan Valley in between and surrounded by reserve forest. All homes on this hill offer extraordinary views of the lake and its surrounding forests.

Khaan is the valley between these two hilltops and like most valleys, has a charm of its own. Khaan extends into the forest reserve and offers picturesque views of the Gola River meandering through the flatlands of Haldwani.  

Well removed from the crowded pockets of Uttarakhand, yet close enough to all essential facilities, Naveen's Glen is far from commercialization and prides itself in preserving it's natural beauty. Naveens Glen is situated at an altitude of 5,000 ft above sea level, at a distance of 290 km from Delhi. It's hospitable weather and ideal location make the estate easily accessible throughout the year.




True to it's name, Eagles Den is a spacious three bedroom villa facing the sunset and overlooking the valley. Surrounded by gardens on two sides and the forest beyond, the views form the cottage are panoramic and ever changing with the season. 



A cosy two bedroom cottage, The Woodpecker is currently the last cottage on the Tincheo ridge. It is quipped with an open kitchen and living area on the ground floor, while both bedrooms are on the 1st floor. All rooms look out on to the sunset or the sunrise.


Perched high up on Ararda, Pine Dew is a cozy two bedroom cottage overlooking the estate. Offering a 360 degree view, it is surrounded by forest on one side, the Sattal Lake in front and sunset views over Jeolikote to its West. Designed to absorb the scenery from all angles, each room offers a dramatically different view. 


Built on two terraces, Rosewood features two lake view bedrooms, living spaces and an annexe on its lower terrace. The cottage overlooks the Sattal lake through reserve forest and has gardens spread out on four levels. The cottage is well equipped with sit outs and a drive way.

Our home in Sattal has been an absolute delight - a place I think of as my own little piece of heaven!”