Naveen's Glen is a green haven, tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas, offering a lifestyle of tranquility, solitude and adventure to those who wish to make it their home.

We make regal villas, charming cottages and studio apartments, featuring beautiful architecture and modern amenities. Our spaces are designed to capture the majestic panoramic vistas of the pristine forests surrounding the estate and the Sattal lake which it overlooks.




Among the first few homes made in Naveen's Glen, the Glenwood is a three bedroom Spanish Villa overlooking the Sattal Lake. It's terrace garden is built on three levels and features a wood fired oven. 



The very first cottage built in Naveen's Glen, KariKun is a charming two bedroom home with an expansive garden built on two levels. Handed over in 1996, It is surrounded by flowering plants and fruit trees which make it a favourite among the Suriya Gaon birds.


A three bedroom bungalow with gardens spread over two levels, the Magpie cottage is perched high up on the Ararda hill, offering a 360 degree view. It overlooks the Sattal Lake as well as the Khaan Valley and is designed to absorb the scenery from all directions.

“Our home in Sattal has been an absolute delight - a place I think of as my own little piece of heaven!”