“It is not merely an estate. It is a place with a heart!”

For several years we were looking for a place in the hills but invariably something didn’t feel right, till we stumbled on Naveen’s Glen. Overlooking the Sattal Lake and surrounded by reserved forest – a combination difficult to find. Beautiful cottages with well-maintained gardens dotted the estate. It took our breath away.

Construction in the hills can be a daunting task but not for us. Our cottage was built to our design, and an infrastructure of services provided with security guards and garbage disposal. We go back to Delhi secure that our cottage is looked after in our absence.

Naveen and his family’s commitment has made the place a community. It is not merely an estate. It is a place with a heart.

— Madhu and Rajeev Tandan


“Generosity and willingness to share this bounty was unique.”

Naveen's Glen isn't just where my quaint home is, it is also where I discovered so many opportunities to participate in the betterment of our surroundings, wherever we may be. What Alka and Naveen did as just a routine chore most would call charity.

Naveen as a person has always intrigued me. His deep knowledge, love for adventure and nature, generosity and willingness to share this bounty was unique. When I saw him donate his land for the building of a village school and how his actions changed the face of the village, it inspired me deeply.

Anil and I had a dream to build a temple in the memory of Anil's parents and this dream came true at Naveen's Glen, only because of Naveens encouragement. Perhaps, it was a calling from the mountains and holds a very special place in my heart. 

— Amita and Anil Bhandari


"If there is a heaven on earth, it is here. We are indeed lucky to be a part of the Naveen's Glen family."

— Aparna Khera

“I literally have it all here.”

Ahaaa! Naveen's Glen... the one place where I feel totally at peace with my inner self.

You wake up to the sound of chirping birds, go about doing your daily labour of love (household tasks aren’t chores anymore) while listening to the music of the whispering pines & eagerly await the dusky evenings when the twinkling lights of distant Nainital vie with a starlit sky to cast a spell on you.

The luxury of a book & a coffee in my Bay window, meals in the tiny kitchen lawn, feasting my eyes on a different view of the Sattal lake from every room, hiking & trekking trails, picnic spots, barbeque nights… I literally have it all here.

I am so glad me and my Naval husband have ‘dropped anchor here.’

— Anita Ahlawat

“Built our home like their own.”

When you are one of the lucky few to build a home in paradise, you feel blessed. Normally building a house is a stressful experience. One is paranoid about weather the builder is using good materials and if the structure will be safe for the years to come. At Naveen's Glen we have been blessed with a team that has built our home like their own. Their expertise, commitment and love for what they do has won our hearts and given us a beautiful home built exactly to our needs. 

We are just too excited and eager to start this new chapter in our lives. We simply love Naveen's Glen.

— Abhay and Anuradha Khera


“Straight out of our dreams.”

We always dreamed of having a small and beautiful cottage in the hills and were looking for the ideal location. On a visit to Nainital, we dropped by Naveen's Glen and surprisingly connected to the place as though it was straight out of our dreams. The picturesque landscape, serene lake view and whistling pine trees made it the perfect retreat from the madness of our mundane lives. 

Naveen bhai, as I call him, his warmth and passion for quality construction convinced me that my dream home would stand here. I am delighted to be a part of Naveen's Glen and I'm certain this heaven on earth will only become more and more beautiful each day.

— Madhulika and Sanjay Chowdhary

“My own little piece of heaven.”

Our home in Sattal has been an absolute delight - a place I think of as my own little piece of heaven. The peace and tranquility we experience within hours of arriving here is so rejuvenating - it has become a 'recharge point'. Clean, unpolluted air, weather cool enough to enjoy bonfires 8-9 months a year, and fireflies creating magic during the monsoons, give us a year-round getaway.

The beautiful home Naveen built for us in the most idyllic setting with views of the lake encircled by evergreen reserved pine forests, is a place we love to come to and bring our friends and family. 

We are ever so thankful to Naveen and Alka for giving us not just a home but a community of wonderful neighbours and friends and their unfailing hospitality.

— Meenakshi and Anil Nayar


We have built a community of like-minded, nature loving families who come together for the betterment of their habitat.